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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


“the goal of IPM is often not to eliminate the pest population, but to “reduce” it to levels that are considered acceptable (or “below threshold levels”). Using an integrated pest management program helps promote a more balanced ecosystem.

~ “An Introduction to Integrated Pest Management,” Va.Coop.Ext. Pub. ENTO-365.pdf (2020).



IPM does not mean simply switching from chemical pesticides to organic pesticides. Nor does it mean eliminating the use of all chemical pesticides completely. IPM can and may include the use of some chemical pesticides. According to the National Coalition on IPM, 1994, “IPM is a strategy that uses various combinations of pest control methods, biological, cultural, and chemical in a compatible manner to achieve satisfactory control and ensure favorable economic and environmental consequences.” IPM is not one single action, it is a process, a series of steps that must be carefully thought out ahead of time. Each step depends upon the given situation, the given pest and your given ability, both physically and financially, to accomplish all of the steps.

~ Clemson Coop.Ext. Fact Sheet, IPM,

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