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Arbor Day Tree Planting Event

Time & Location

April 26, 2024, 1-3 PM

Meet in the parking lot at Remsberg Park

Forest Conservation Efforts

Forest Trees

Arbor Day

Save the date!
Friday, April 26,2024
1 PM - 3 PM

We need volunteers to plant trees. Meet at the parking lot in Remsberg Park.

Spring Tree Giveaway

Potomac Edison, A FirstEnergy Company logo

Thru a partnership with Potomac Edison’s “Green Teams Tree Planting Program” we are able to offer Middletown residents trees to plant on your private property. On April 26th, the Arbor Day Tree Planting Event, Potomac Edison’s Green team and Middletown volunteers will plant trees from 1 to 3 p.m. Meet at the parking lot in Remsberg Park.

Tree Registration Form

Free Tree Registration is closed.

Trees and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

Polluted rainwater and snowmelt run off the Town’s roadways, streets, sidewalks and roofs into our local streams and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. This polluted water is typically collected in the Town’s storm water system before being discharged into a local waterway. Under the Clean Water Act of 1972, Middletown is a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permittee and the owner/operator of a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). As such, the Town is mandated to manage, implement, and enforce programs for controlling stormwater discharges. Planting native trees both in public parks and private residences is a great way to reduce stormwater flows and meet our federal mandate.


Trees beautify our neighborhoods, increase property values and add to our community’s quality of life. More recently, trees are recognized for their importance in managing stormwater runoff. Their leaf canopies help reduce erosion caused by falling rain. They also provide surface area where rain water lands and evaporates, while their roots take up water and create conditions in the soil that promote infiltration. Increasing the Town’s tree canopy will result in millions of gallons of reduced stormwater runoff every year. To promote the Spring Tree Giveaway and encourage residents to participate, the Town will plant a matching tree in one of the Town parks for every tree planted in a resident’s yard.

Thank you for your interest in this program and for your sustainability efforts. If you'd like to share your contact information to use for future programs, please use our Taken Action Form. Again, thank you.

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