Middletown Green Expo

Welcome to our Fourth Annual Middletown Green Expo! We sure wish we could be together in person, but due to the pandemic we are having a Virtual Green Expo this year! Our Green Expo events bring together many diverse organizations and businesses that inspire residents to Go Green along with teaching them how to do just that.


Kudos to the dozen or so participants from past Green Expo events who are participating in this year’s Virtual Green Expo! Our virtual Expo will begin on Friday, April 2nd and will continue throughout the month of April with videos featuring organizations or businesses such as the Frederick County Office of Sustainability, Sierra Club, and Fox Haven Farm, on the Middletown Sustainability Committee and Green Team Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/middletowngreenteam

and this Website.

Middletown United Methodist Preschool


As a Christian Preschool, educators at the Middletown United Methodist Church greet each child with love and concern. They treat each student as a unique child of God, and their goal is to give children the best Christian education possible and help them become successful spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically.

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Nurturing the whole child is basic to their educational vision. They strive to provide an environment in which each child continues to love learning and looks forward to a lifetime of educational opportunities.

Fox Haven

Fox Haven Logo.jpg

Based out of Jefferson, MD, Fox Haven is a non-profit organization and gathering place where people can reconnect with the natural world. By offering a wide variety of workshops, activities for adults and children, herb garden internships, and retreat space for family celebrations, the Learning Center offers the local community a safe haven for gatherings of all kinds. With awareness of the growing magnitude of global environmental challenges, Fox Haven models local solutions to global problems, showcasing practical ways that individuals and communities can make a difference. If you feel moved to support our farm-based learning opportunities and conservation work, visit www.foxhavenfarm.org/donate.


Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods.  Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.  The new Tower Garden HOME is ideal for indoor gardening, while the Tower Garden FLEX is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors.  Grow a healthier you year-round, and get started by watching this video explaining how

it works.

Tower Garden


Sustainable Energy Systems is a family owned renewable energy design and installation business based out of Frederick, Maryland and operating in the Mid-Atlantic region since 2008. Their goal is to help create a sustainable energy future by installing the most efficient, cost-effective systems with the smallest ecological footprint possible. ​You will be feeling their energy with this up-beat video highlighting their business.

Sustainable Energy Systems

FCFCDB Logo.png

The Frederick County Forestry Board promotes conservation, stewardship, and sustainable use of forest resources, urban landscapes, and other natural areas. They educate and inform the public and vigorously advocate for local, regional, and national forest ecosystems. Forests and trees benefit people; provide homes for wildlife; enhance the quality of streams, lakes, and the Chesapeake Bay. Trees are critically important as they cool the environment, retain and improve soil, produce oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide, and enhance our physical well-being and mental outlook. Check out this video they produced to learn more about their mission.

Frederick County
Forest Conservancy District Board


Outdoor Wi-Fi is now available at all FCPL branches! Look for “FCPL” on your device, no login is required. And check out this video from Children’s Librarian Taylor Floria about other happenings at the Middletown Library!

Frederick County
Public Library

Sierra Club Logo.jpg

Sierra Club is the largest and most enduring grassroots environmental advocacy organization in the nation. Their motto is Explore, Enjoy & Protect the Planet. 

 They support local service and nature outings, educate the public on the myriad pressing issues stemming from the climate emergency, plastic pollution crisis and collapse of biodiversity.  They advocate for bold systemic changes at the local and state level for a just and equitable transition from dirty fossil fuels to 100% Clean Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, and Clean Transportation for all while protecting our air, water, land & wildlife for future generations!

Sierra Club
Catoctin Group

Community Solutions to Reduce Pesticide Use

Join panelists from communities around the country to learn about the innovative approaches they have taken to reduce pesticide use and protect pollinators. Communities have tackled pesticides in a wide range of ways, from implementing integrated pest management plans on city land, to educating neighbors about how to take an ecological approach to mosquito control, to galvanizing community support for state legislative efforts. In this webinar, you will hear from three communities about their successes and challenges in addressing pesticide use. We hope this will inspire you to consider creative ways to reduce pesticide use in your own community

and beyond.

Xerces Society

FCO of Sustainability and Envionmental R

If you are interested in learning more about the Green Homes Challenge, Creek ReLeaf, the Power Saver Retrofits program, and other tips to help save energy, adopt environmentally-friendly practices and use renewable energy, then be sure to check out this video to learn more!

Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources


The Middletown United Methodist Church (MUMC) Creation Care ~ Climate Justice group has been active for over five years. We have had numerous well attended education and advocacy events that have included the wider community. We have a Facebook page which in its way documents what we have been up to. We represent MUMC to the broader community for example when we participate in the annual Middletown Earth Day gathering known as Green Expo. We partner with the Multi-faith Alliance of Climate Stewards (MACS) of Frederick County. Our work is in alignment with the United Methodist Social Principles and God's call on us to love His Very Good Creation and Care for it, to be good stewards, and to be in awe and wonder of it. 

MUMC Creation Care ~ Climate Justice


Main Street Middletown is where breathtaking views and historic landmarks greet you as you make your way down the mountain to fresh American fare, just churned ice cream, one of a kind shops, wineries and one of Maryland’s only meaderies. Beyond offering live entertainment, fine art, shopping and dining Main Street Middletown offers events for your family’s next adventure and is located just miles from the Appalachian Trail head. Whether you are seeking a relaxing day surrounded by spectacular scenery, a walk in the footsteps of George Washington, or for a farm-fresh dining experience, Main Street Middletown welcomes you to the valley.

Main Street Middletown

Clean Water Action


Clean Water Action is an environmental advocacy non profit organization that is 1 million members strong and growing. Check out this video to learn more about how to protect our waterways.



Nature's Best Hope

by Doug Tallamy

Professor of Entomology at the

University of Delaware

Presented by the Multi-Faith Alliance of Climate Stewards (MACS) and Hood College Graduate Programs

Please visit this webpage to see a list of

Keystone Plants mentioned in this video.


Frederick County Division of

Solid Waste & Recycling

Ever wonder how recycling really works? Or if something is recyclable? Or why something isn’t? The Frederick County Division of Solid Waste and Recycling’s Facebook page is a great place to ask questions, get updates, and “talk trash” with local recyclers. Check out their page then “like” them to get new program announcements, event notices, and fun facts featured in your newsfeed.

Annmarie Creamer

Frederick County Division of

Solid Waste & Recycling

9031 Reichs Ford Road

Frederick, MD 21704


Frederick County

Master Gardeners
Bay-Wise Landscape Certification


The Frederick County Master Gardeners are volunteer representatives of the University of Maryland Extension (UME). Their goal is to extend the services, programs and expertise of the UME to the general public. They base their knowledge on their own experience as gardeners, as well as classroom and hands-on training provided by the UME and University of Maryland horticultural educators.

What you do in your yard can help restore the health of local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay! The goal of Bay-Wise gardening is to ensure better water quality through smart gardening practices. Members of their Bay-Wise Committee educate the public about how to create a sustainable landscape that supports birds, pollinators and other wildlife – using native plants, reducing or eliminating use of chemicals, mowing and fertilizing wisely, creating rain gardens and other features that slow storm water runoff, and composting yard waste.  Learn more by watching their video.