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Green Team

Middletown’s Green Team’s mission is to: conserve Middletown’s shared natural resources, including land, air, water, open spaces, and viewsheds.  By working in partnership with our schools, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, businesses, and residents, we can sustain natural resources and promote healthy living for generations to come.  We will accomplish our goals by creating understanding in the community, promoting involvement by way of education, and addressing environmental challenges and opportunities by focusing on economic, environmental, and social sustainability. 

Sustainable Maryland

Sustainable Maryland is a certification program for Maryland municipalities that want to go green, save money and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.

The Sustainability Committee was established in September 2016 when the former Green Team became a standing committee. It is made up of members who represent town staff, residents and local business owners. Their mission is to conserve Middletown’s shared natural resources, including land, air, water, open spaces, and viewsheds, by working in partnership with the town board, schools, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, businesses and residents, and to sustain natural resources and promote healthy lives for generations to come.  This group is also responsible for and guided by the Maryland standards for sustainability

Pizza Garden, a Middletown Recreation Counil project.

The Town has taken numerous actions over the years to achieve protection of natural features:

  1. Yard waste program – Since 1991, Middletown has provided paper yard waste bags to its residents. Yard waste bags are picked up once a week from April thru December by the town’s trash hauler. The yard waste is taken to the Frederick County landfill where it is turned into mulch. Also, Christmas trees are collected in January.

  2. Improvements to town streets – Various town streets have been upgraded with stormwater management features that include Filterra stormwater biofiltration systems.

  3. Stream restoration projects

  4. Pet waste program – The Town implemented a pet waste program beginning in 2008 with dog bag waste stations that have been installed in all of the town parks and along all of the walking trails within the town.

  5. Water conservation programs – A Water Conservation Public Alert System was created in the early 2000’s to keep the public informed as to the current status of the Town’s public drinking water system, and established an ordinance that places restrictions on water use which includes penalties for violating water restrictions.

  6. Rain barrels – In order to promote water conservation and decrease runoff to the Chesapeake Bay, the Town has offered rain barrels for sale to town residents at a reduced cost.

It will be the policy of

Middletown that…

  1. Wetlands, streams, floodplains, forested areas, and steep slopes are not disturbed by development.

  2. Streams and floodplains have vegetated buffers that help to restore the natural function of these areas. These buffers are planted in species native to Middletown and the surrounding area.

  3. The Town actively seeks ways to lessen its impact on the environment by minimizing energy use, carbon emissions, water consumption, stormwater runoff, and implementing green design standards.

  4. To the fullest extent practical, new development uses non-structural techniques and pervious paving to manage storm water and otherwise comply with the highest standards of the Maryland Department of the Environment.

  5. Developers seeking annexation will plan their projects to the highest standards for community and environmental design using sustainable building practices.

  6. Natural areas and farming remain the dominant use in the greenbelt.

  7. An interconnected system of parks, shared use paths, and open spaces is created in and around Middletown. Most residents are within a five-minute walk from a community park and shared use path.

  8. All residents and businesses in the Town of Middletown will participate in Frederick County’s single stream recycling program.

  9. An education program is put into place that teaches the public, school children, and business owners about sustainable development and sustainable living.

  10. The use of native species landscaping will be supported and promoted in all subdivisions and site plans in the Town in order to diminish the negative impacts of drought-intolerant or invasive plant and tree species.

  11. Adequate shading of paved surfaces will be provided in parking areas and along streets to the extent possible.


Join Us! The Middletown Sustainability Committee meets monthly. Check the Town Website Calendar for meeting dates and times. Agenda and Minutes can also be found on the Town's Website.